within the framework of the Project "Development of the methodological bases for monitoring of forest biodiversity"
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Themes of joint projects



Institute of industrial ecology problems of the North, KSC RAS



“Biological accumulation and migration forms of dispersed elements in boreal forests”; RFFR Joint projects, «Polluting metals in Russian terrestrial ecosystems: chemistry, dynamics, and impacts on microbial function, diversity and tolerance» INTAS, “Risk of heavy metals inputs to agricultural and forests ecosystems in Russia and Netherlands” NWO Russian-Dutch project


Institute of biology, Komi SC, Syktyvkar



Joint programs on biogeochemical monitoring



Institute of soil science and agricultural chemistry, Novosibirsk



INTAS Project




Institute of physical, chemical and biological problems in soil science RAS, Puschino



INTAS Project and NWO Russian-Dutch project


Faculty of soil science, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University




RFFR Project, INTAS Project and NWO Russian-Dutch project



Geographical faculty, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University


Project “Development of methodological bases for monitoring of forest biodiversity”



Forest Institute of Finland (METLA)


Norway - Finnish - Russian programme



Institute of Biology, Norway (NINA)


Norway - Finnish - Russian programme



Center of Ecology and Hydrology, United Kingdom; Windermere


INTAS Project



Institute of Health Protection and Environment, RIVM, Holland 


INTAS Project and NWO Russian-Dutch project



Center of soil science, Holland, Alterra Wageningen


NWO Russian-Dutch project



University of Wisconsin-Madison; Department of Forest Ecology and Management


“Monitoring of land use and change of land cover as response on social economic factor for Eastern Europe” Project



Institute of geography RAS, Moscow



Joint works on the RFFR Grant “Geographical laws of changing coenotic flora of forest biome of Eastern Europe



Forest Institute, Siberian Department of RAS, Krasnoyarsk



“Resources of sustainable boreal forests” (IIASA Project)






“Researches of succession dynamics of intact forests of Krasnoyarsk Territory” (Mc Arthur Fund Project)



Joint Research Center of European Commission IRC


Joint works on assessment of continental and regional monitoring of Russian forest cover as assistance of GVM actions in Siberian forests



Department of municipal order of Moscow Government


“Assessment of natural resources and creation of geoinformation system of complex monitoring in National Park “Losiny Ostrov” (Project)



USA National Agency of Space Research and Aeronautics

( NASA )

Joint Russian-American Project on “Study of characteristics and steadiness of boreal forests”






Initiative of partnership in the field of sciences about Earth in Northern Eurasia



“Introduction of technologies for using renewable sources of energy – biomass of low market timber and timber wastes – into practice of energy supply with the purpose of greenhouse gases emission reduction. Kostroma oblast is model region”.



Institute of Space Research, Moscow



Information and analytical supply of airspace monitoring system for forest fires and forest pest mass distribution;

Contract with the RF Ministry of Natural  Resources



Ministry of education and science, RAS



“Large-scale processes in boreal forests of Eurasia and forecast of their influence on the biosphere”



Russian Academy of Sciences

“Catastrophic impacts of anthropogenic and natural factors on forest ecosystems” – Project on the program of fundamental researches of environmental and climate changes: natural catastrophes, RAS



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