Development of methodological stages for monitoring of forest biodiversity



Objectives of the first stage 2003 year


Analytical review of international and national experience in research, conservation and sustainable forest use


Selection of parameters and optimal estimating procedures for defining forest biodiversity state within the framework of territories of different scale (local, regional, global level)


Selection of model objects for research of forest biodiversity at local and regional levels


Forming cartographical and semantic databases for selected objects and corresponding territorial levels


Development of indicators and methods for assessment of typological, ecological and taxonomical diversity with using of remote sensing data (RSD)


Arrangement of complex field surveys for correction of forest typology as well as RSD verifying






Objectives of the second stage 2004 year


Analysis of anthropogenic impact on forest ecosystems (fires, logging, contamination) for the purpose of assessment of biodiversity at regional level


Development of procedure and algorithms of heterogeneous cartographical data comparison


Forming of pilot GIS- version of forest biodiversity at regional and federal levels


Arrangement of complex field surveys for correction of forest typology as well as RSD verifying


Development of theoretical conception on potential forest biodiversity for European Russia


Detection of main succession types determining biodiversity dynamics in forest ecosystems of boreal zone






Objectives of the third stage 2005 year


Development of methods for forecast and algorithms of accounting variants of biodiversity dynamics under different sceneries of nature management at the base of GIS-technologies


Inventory of typological diversity of zonal forest ecosystems in European Russia


Detection of regional features of forest biodiversity


Development of spatial structure and dynamic models of forest biodiversity


Development of bases and methods of environmental cover for program of steady forest use, promoting conservation of natural forest biodiversity


Arrangement of complex field surveys for detection of characteristic and intensity of anthropogenic impacts, as well as RSD correction, typology, verifying


Creation of the Projects Web-site


Preparation of the monograph to publication


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