Development of methodological basis for forest biodiversity monitoring

: methodology and methods development for biodiversity monitoring in Russian forests under global changes and increasing human impacts.


  • Development of conceptual approach to forest biodiversity monitoring accounting forest environmental and resource functions ;
  • Development of methodological approach providing collection, systematization and generalization of accumulated data on Russian forests biodiversity including following tasks:
    • Selection of parameters and optimal accounting procedures for forest biodiversity assessment by using remote sensing and ground observations;
    • Development of methods for forest communities succession assessment and detection of forest recovery processes in different native zones;
    • Development of forest ecosystems typology and description of coenotic fund;
    • Detection of forest spatial organization regularities.
  • Development of environmental information basis for assessment and monitoring of biodiversity in Russian forests .

  • Development of forest biodiversity monitoring methods for specific model regions and use of methods for the purposes of sustainable forest management.


Head institution – Center for Problems of Ecology and Productivity of Forests RAS


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