Russian Academy of Sciences

Program of fundamental researches of the RAS Presidium
"Scientific principles of biodiversity conservation in Russia "






In 2001 according to intergovernmental and international agreements the National strategy on biodiversity conservation was developed and adopted in Russia. Since 2003 Russian Academy of Sciences has implemented researches in study, assessment, and conservation of biodiversity within the framework of the fundamental research program Scientific principles of biodiversity conservation in Russia.

Russian Academy of Sciences is one of the major developers of this Strategy,presented in the International forum on sustainable development Rio+10 in Johannesburg (August-September, 2002) as the result of Russian duties fulfillment on the Biological Diversity Convention. Main statements of the National Strategy have been included into the Environmental Doctrine of the Russian Federation confirmed by the RF Government.

Implementation of the Scientific principles of biodiversity conservation in Russia Program is the important practical step in fulfillment of the action plan within the framework of the Strategy. Coordinator of the Program is the Director of the A.N. Severtsev Institute of problems of ecology and evolution, Academician D.S. Pavlov. The Program is an interdisciplinary one and it is implemented by institutes of the General Biology Section of the RAS Department of biological sciences. Besides, institutes of the Department of social sciences and the Department of Earth Sciences take part in implementation of the Program.

One of the priority branches of the Program is

Development of methodological basis of forest biodiversity monitoring

Head institution of the theme -
Center for Problems of Ecology and Productivity of Forests RAS -

Leader of the theme: Academician A.S. Isaev.


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