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CEPF RAS academic council

List of fellows of academic council:



Korovin Georgii Nicolaevich


Scientific secretary

Gornov Alexey Vladimirovich


Fellows of Academic Council:

Ysaev Alexander Sergeyevich

Zamolodchykov Dmitry Genadievych

Lukyna Natalia Vasiliyevna

Ershov Dmitry Vladimirovich

Zhyryn Vasiliy Michaylovich

Zukert Natalia Victorovna

Smyrnova Olga Vsevolodovna

Nefedev Victor Victorovich

Chernenkova Tat'ana Vladimirovna

Zaugolnova Ludmila Borisovna

Gagarin Juri Nicolaevich


Centre’s Academic Council:

  • develops of the basic directions of scientific researches of the Centre; recommends the programs and plans of researches works to assertion, plans of the scientific personnel training, international scientific collaboration, consultations and conferences, and also other plans, examines the questions of logistical and financial support of the planned works;

  • asserts of the Centre’s structure;

  • discusses and asserts the reports of the director, and leaders of the academic subdivisions, on the research work performances;

  • discusses and asserts the major results of activity of the Centre for presentation in the annual report of RAS;

  • conducts the discussion of the issue of the day of development of science, hears the scientific lectures and reports;

  • puts forward the scientific works, inventions and other achievements on the competition for the nominal medals and bonuses, represents researchers of the Centre to appropriation of the academic and honorary titles;

  • nominates of candidates to Members of the Academy of Sciences and to Associate Members of the RAS; elects managers of the laboratories, and the research fellows, taken on by competition;

  • elects by secret ballot of research fellows of the Centre, delegated by them to the staff of General Assembly of the RAS and General Assembly of the OOB RAS;

  • elects of editor-in-chiefs of the editions founded by the Centre and asserts the staff of editorial boards on presentation of the director of the Centre.

  • estimates the results of research works of the Centre on the whole, and of it’s academic subdivisions;

  • determines the principles of logistical support of the scientific researches and scientifically-organisational activity of the Centre;

  • examines of other questions foreseen by the true Regulation.

The Academic Council of the Centre is competent to make decisions, if on conference no less than two third of it’s staff is present. Decisions of the Academic Council of the Centre are taken by an ordinary majority of votes of the number of present fellows of the Academic Council.

Decisions of the Academic Council of the Centre are made by open ballot, if only the Academic Council will not make decision on the secret balloting.

All personal questions on conferences of the Academic Council are decided by a secret balloting.

Disagreements between the director of the Centre and the Academic Council of the Centre are decided by the Bureau of OOB RAS, the Presidium of RAS.