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The Centre on the problems of ecology and productivity of forests (CEPF), was established in December, 1991. A «necessity of co-ordination of scientific researches in Russia and development of international scientific and technical collaboration on the problems of ecology of forests, monitoring of forest ecosystems, saving of the biological variety and gene pool of forest vegetation, increase of the re-creation and environment protecting functions of the forest», became the purpose of it’s establishment.

The academician Alexander Sergeyevich Ysaev is the organiser of the CEPF. Presently director of Centre is doctor of agriculture science Georgy Nikolaevich Korovin. The Centre carries out the development and co-ordination of the use of the newest geoinformational technologies for researches of the biosphere and the resource role of forests of Russia in conditions of the global changes. CEPF solves the series of the fundamental and applied problems including the research of the large-scale processes in forests of Russia, saving of the biological variety, optimisation of the forest management, design of the generic process.

Joint with the Institute of the Space Researches of the RAS (YKY RAS), the new technologies of aerospace methods of monitoring of the forests and estimation of their state, based on the remote sensing of the forest cover in different ranges of electromagnetic spectrum, are developed by the Centre.In these aims, the space pictures of a different permission are used, proper to the parameters of the explored forest objects - from separate trees to the large nature-territorial complexes, that allows to solve of the concrete tasks.

CEPF jointly with the Incorporated Scientific Centre of the European Union (JRC, Italy), on the basis of the SPOT/VEGETATION pictures, was succeeded to create the electronic map of the natural ecosystems of north Eurasia. On this map, the different categories of the land resources are identified: forests, bogs, steppes, agricultural lands and other components of the ground ecosystems. The database fixed in basis of the map allows to get the high-quality and quantitative descriptions of parameters of the forest fund of Russia, necessary for estimation of the productive and ecological functions of the forests.

Researchers of the Centre have developed of the methodical bases of the estimation of carbon budget of the forests, and their influence on concentration of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The estimation of concentration of the carbon in the forests of Russia, and rates of it’s depositing by the forest vegetation, is carried out.Norms, allowing to estimate detrit pools and streams of the carbon in the forests of Russia are created, and also possibilities to increase of the carbon potential of the forests, owing to the large-scale projects of forest cultivation and re-cultivation, are exposed. Researches of the Centre in area of carbon cycle in the boreal forests, on principle needed for planning of domestic forest policy. They were used in the National reports on the problem of change of climate and on the negotiations on Kyoto protocol.

Within the framework of research of problems of the biological variety of the forests by scientists of the CEPF, the analytical system of estimation of biodiversity of the forest cover of European Russia, is created. This system includes the detailed description of the basic types of the boreal forests, and also the certificate databases and the algorithms of estimation of their specific, structural and typological variety. The estimation of biodiversity of the preserved territories of the central part of European Russia, based on conception of hierarchical continuity of the vegetable cover, is given. The value of the ecotopic, phytocenotic, zoogenic and anthropogenic factors for the maintenance of the biodiversity, is exposed. The conception of the potential flora of the separate spatial units of the forest cover is formed, the prognosis of development of the forest cover at the preserved mode is done. The role of different management methods in the maintenance of the biodiversity, is shown. With the purpose of adaptation to the modern terms of organisation of the science in Russia and selection of the optimum directions of scientific search by the Centre, the modernisation of the informative providing of researches is carried out, the necessary conditions for work of the scientific collective are created, the implementation of the field experimental works is well-to-do.

The CEPF has the wide international communications, and it executes the important co-ordinating role on realisation of the international projects with the key aerospace world agencies, including NASA and the European Space Agency. The Centre has the close communication with the leading universities and forest institutes of higher education of Russia, it renders an assistance in conducting and perfection of educational process.

The Centre on the problems of ecology and productivity of forests substantially influences on the forming of state policy in area of forestry and the rational forest management. By the certificate of claim of the results of it’s fundamental researches, there is implementation of the special purpose planned tasks within the framework of Programs of the Presidium of RAS, the MNR programs, numerous grants of the RFFY, FTSP «Integration», and the international projects.