Development of methodological basis for forest biodiversity monitoring

LINES and themes

I. Monitoring methodology and techniques for assessment of forest ecosystems typological, ecological and taxonomic diversity.

  • Methodology of forest biodiversity monitoring and assessment
    (A.S. Isaev)
  • Development of typology and coenotic fund of forest ecosystems characteristic based on dominant and floristic classifications comparison
    L.B. Zaugolnova responsible executor, T.Yu. Braslavskaya)
  • Mapping of vegetation types and its main associations
    L.B. Zaugolnova responsible executor, S.A. Turubanova)
  • Selection of parameters/ indicators and optimal estimate procedures for forest biodiversity condition determination
    L.B. Zaugolnova responsible executor, L.G. Khanina)
  • Usie of remote sensing based landscape indexes for forest biodiversity assessment and monitoring
    M. Yu. Puzachenko)

II. Natural regularities of forest ecosystems dynamics biodiversity

III. Spatial organization of forest biodiversity and principles of its division into regions

  • Division of RF territory into environmental regions for assessment of coenotic diversity of forests
    G.N. Ogureeva)
  • Division of RF at the base of complex meteorological index
    N.V. Zukert)


IV. Regional features of forest ecosystems biodiversity

V. Environmental information base for Russian forests assessment and monitoring

VI. Environmental maintenance for the program of sustainable forest management

Analytic review of international and national experience of study, conservation and sustainable forest management (V.N. Bocharnikov)

  • Development of methods for forecast and accounting algorithms of dynamic forest biodiversity variants under different sceneries of nature management at the base of GIS-technologies (A.S. Komarov responsible executor, A.M. Mikhailov, S.S. Bykhovets, A.M. Lukjanov, L.G. Khanina, M.V. Bobrovsky)
  • Development of criteria on valuable nature ecosystems detection for creation of especially protected territories (M.G. Sinitsyn)


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