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“Forest Science" Journal

Laboratory of monitoring of forest ecosystems
Sector of Geoinformative Monitoring Systems

Acting Head of the Laboratory
Ph.D. Yershov Dmitry Vladimirivich (tel. 499 7430025)
Staff of Sector Collaborators:
  1. Shoulyak P.P., senior researcher
  2. Sochylova E.N., researcher
  3. Kovganko K.A., researcher
  4. Panova O.V., junior researcher
  5. Koroleva N.V., junior researcher
  6. Berezhnoy Valeryy Georgyyevich, leading engineer
  7. Kuzin S.G., main specialist
  8. Schepin M.V., main specialist
  9. Cherkasova E.B. engineer

List of publications of the laboratory researchers

Basic academic directions of activity:

Development of methods of study of the forests, built on the modern information technologies and information of the remote sensing, including:

  • the drawing a map of forest cover;
  • the detection and drawing a map of fires;
  • the exposure of large hearths of mass reproduction of the insects-wreckers of forest;
  • the estimation of consequences from forest fires, insects-wreckers and other revolting factors of change of forests.

Creation of the GIS-technologies for decision of tasks of the operative monitoring of forest fires, mass reproduction of insects-wreckers of forest, on the Federal and regional levels.

Basic academic results

The following academic results are got during the last 5 years:

  • The methodology of the continental drawing maps of forests from data of SPOT-VEGETATION, is developed joint with the Institute of Space Researches and Institute of Stability of Environment of the United Research Centre of European Commission (Global Land Cover Initiative GLC2000);
  • The researches are conducted and the methods of exposure of damages of the forests from insects-wreckers on the images of the TERRA-MODIS, are developed;
  • The algorithms of drawing a map of fresh cinders on the images of the TERRA-MODIS, are created;
  • The programmatic shell for creation of the specialised GYS as they apply to monitoring of the state of vegetable ecosystems (forest fires, insects-wreckers, agricultural vegetation, etc.), is developed.